Mental Heath Fact Sheet

Beyond Bars

There are many people in prison in NSW who have some form of mental illness.  This fact sheet examines why people with a mental illness are sent to prison and the problems that arise from the incarceration of those who are have mental health issues.

What is a Mental Illness?

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Life sentence

The Persecution of the Diagnosed

This is Aboriginal Land. This is Aboriginal Land. Indigenous Cultural Respect, Land Rights & Peace.
*Warning: Medical terms may cause offence! We’re not dissing you. Just talking about the situation.

“Whenever I go to jail, I get put in a strip cell in…

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The Community Policy

New South Wales Australia
September 1995

AIDS Council of NSW, NSW Users and AIDS Association, Hepatitis C Council of NSW, The Gender Centre, Prisoners Action Group Justice Action, Aboriginal Deaths In Custody Watch Committee

National Centre in HIV Social Research,…

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Policy Proposal

Policy Proposal


Justice Action has been campaigning for Computers in Cells since 1998, though the New South Wales government and the Department of Corrective Services has blocked any progress.  This rejection of progress by the NSW government is based on misinformed security concerns, the ignorance of…

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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy



Behavioural Therapy


Thinking for change Against crime




This proposal is the second of four parts of a Justice Reform Initiative

 tackling the failure of  the penal system to achieve its own goals.

 We propose a new paradigm of prisoner…

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Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice

Restorative justice aims to mediate and reconcile tensions between offenders, victims and the community in a humanising way. It enables stakeholders to cooperate and come to an agreement on appropriate outcomes at different stages of the criminal process, not just in the pre-trial…

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Earning Early Release

Punishment for The Past, Training for The Future


Draft Paper 29.06.2012 download here

Prisoners expressed that they felt helpless awaiting the end of their sentence, suggesting remission as an incentive for self-improvement and to successfully re-enter the…

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