Emu Plains Prison Visits

Return All Day Visits

The Department of Corrective Service has unexpectedly withdrawn traditional “all day visits” for family and friends visiting the women in Emu Plains.

This has affected the children who relied upon that contact with their mothers. Children of prisoners are six times as likely…

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Death in Custody is the ultimate failure in the duty of care that is incumbent upon police and corrective services.  In the 1980s some 100 Indigenous lives were lost in similar circumstances.  In the 1990s, a further 147 perished in prisons and detention centres around the country.…

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Safe Cells

Safe cells are used for prisoners at risk of self-harm or suicide and are used to keep prisoners under constant visual observation. A CHS nurse described these as unfit for dogs. Justice Action has successfully lobbied for a review of these cells and has been involved in ongoing discussion with CHS…

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Acts up for Review

The Mental Health Act 1990 and The Mental Health (Criminal Procedure) Act 1990 Are Up For Review
The Hon. Greg James QC, President of the Mental Health Review Tribunal, has examined options for reform of mental health within the prison sector. The central issue considered in this review is the…

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Inquest of Craig Behr

We are writing to you, with a view to participate in the second inquest of Craig Behr, whose death occurred on the 27th March 2004, case number 538/04. The first inquest was terminated on 25th February 2005 under Section 19 of the Coroner’s Act 1980. However, a second inquest has been sought and is…

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Prisoner Rights to Vote

Voting Rights for Prisoners
Currently Australian prisoners serving sentences of less than only three years can vote in federal elections. In Aug 2004 Federal Parliament restricted the right to vote to those serving sentences of three years or less.

Now the coalition wants all prisoners barred from…

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Offer of Hope

Offer of Hope

This prisoner initiative was made to governments to help break the cycle of destructive vengeance in our prisons. It was launched on International Human Rights Day 10 December 2005

Prisoners in the dungeons of the HRMU segregation unit Goulburn Prison, Australia prepared the statement that formed…

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Jail at Windsor

Stop the Womens Jail is working to ensure that the proposed womens jail at Windsor is not constructed. We are determined to see that the unanimous recommendations of the multi-party Select Committee on the Increase in Prisoner Population are implemented.


Stop the Womens Jail…

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Save The Inspector General

The Department of Corrective Services is unique in that it is the only Department in which the government has total control over its citizens.

This requires extra care to ensure that the extraordinary powers are not abused. It is necessary for there to be correspondingly extraordinary…

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