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Home Detention

Home Detention

Home Detention is an alternative to incarceration where the offender serves their sentence in a confined area at an approved residence for a specific period of time, pursuant to the Crimes (Administration of Sentences) Act. Although often given to offenders with less serious convictions,…

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What is a victim?

A victim is someone who has suffered a loss, possibly having been harmed as a result of some accident, crime or other action. The loss they suffer may be physical, through some external injury to the body. The loss may also be mental or intellectual, perhaps through bullying or…

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The strike was launched at a news conference in Trades Hall at 12 noon, Thursday August 6

 Media attending strike launch

The Inspector's Report

Symbolic ending of overcrowded prisons 


Tracy Brannigan Action Plan





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Sickness Effects of Tobacco Ban

Sickness Effects of Tobacco Ban


The tobacco ban has a direct impact on prisoners who regularly smoke as it will expose them to the sickness effects of nicotine withdrawal. This also has further implications for any employment that they are undertaking.

Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms


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SA Ombudsman Defends iExpress
Wayne Lines, the South Australian ombudsman, has found JA to be a multipurpose advocacy organisation. Therefore, the banning of South Australian prisoners communication to JA and therefore access to iExpress has been found to be "unreasonable". The Chief…

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