Identification Mechanisms

Biometrics refers to the automatic identification or identity verification of living persons using their enduring physical or behavioural characteristics.  Many body parts, personal characteristics and imaging methods have been suggested and used for biometric systems: fingers, hands, feet, faces, eyes, ears, teeth, veins, voices, signatures, typing styles, gaits and odours.  By far the most significant negative aspect of biometric ID systems is their potential to locate and track people physically.

The severe chilling effect biometrics would have if adopted as a technique to track individuals is unconscionable.  Justice Action believes that the ability to identify and track someone to this regard counters basic freedoms and human rights and should be avoided at all costs.  Of particular concern is the extent to which this would affect the criminal realm.  The methods by which authorities collect evidence against an accused would be questionable at best, and likely result in numerous wrongful convictions - something our justice system cannot afford.


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