Report: Forensic Hospital Visit Blocked

Blocked Visit to Saeed on Forensic Hospital Celebration Day 14/10/11

Response from Justice Health to Complaint

On 14/10/11 Dani, Rosie and Brett set out to the Forensic Hospital to celebrate Mental Health Month 2011, as invited by Justice Health on behalf of Saeed. Both Dani and Rosie received their invitations after the RSVP date and Brett never received his at all.

The invite stated that registration was from 10:00am til 11:00am and the event would run til 2:30pm. There was no mention of a formal arrival time; the event was described as “informal”.


Dani and Rosie arrived at 12:15pm along with two other women who entered the Forensic Hospital immediately, while Dani and Rosie waited outside for Brett. The two women left the Forensic Hospital waiting room after a few minutes. Brett arrived at 12:30 at which point all entered the security clearance area. We were informed upon attempts to clear security that no more visitors were allowed in after 12:00 as per direction from Roman Katz, the Head of Security at Justice Health. Following a short discussion with the two women seen earlier, we discovered that they too had been turned away due to arriving too late.


At 12:40pm we met the head of a major consumer organisation, who was leaving the event. She called Julie Babineau, head of Justice Health, who said that she would speak to Roman Katz to get someone to come to reception to escort us into the event. We sat and waited.


At 1:15pm two male visitors arrived to see their family member, having already confirmed with the Forensic Hospital that their late arrival would not affect their entry to the event. They too were told by security that they were not able to enter because registration time was over. We invited them to wait with us as we were still waiting for the escort promised to us over 30 minutes early.


By 1:00pm, people had begun to leave the event, accompanied back to security with escorts. We were informed that the lunch was already beginning to wrap up. As we sat and waited, Dr Adrian Keller, the Clinical Director of the Forensic Hospital, came through the waiting room on his way to his office, as this was the only exit from the Hospital. Brett attempted to discuss the issue with him but was ignored. Keller muttered without stopping that he had a meeting to attend. Phone calls to him in the previous hour had also been ignored.


At 1:45pm, after spending 1.5 hours in the waiting area of the Forensic Hospital, Anderson Millen, the Services Director, informed us that the event was over although the invite clearly stated 2:30. He repeated the previously stated “registration ended at 12:00” line and refused to address any of Brett’s questions, saying that the event was now over. We highlighted that escorts for visitors leaving could easily escort us up to the event. He refused to explain why that couldn’t happen. He offered to organise personal visits if we would wait another 20 minutes for everything to settle down after the Celebration Day event was over.


An event designed to encourage community support for those who need it most ended with seven people, who wanted to provide this, sitting and waiting while completely ignored by Justice Health.


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