What is Just Us?

Brett & The Team distributing Just Us at Silverwater Correctional Complex - September 2013

The Australian and NZ detainees newspaper

Just Us is a newspaper written for and by those held involuntarily inside institutions. It goes to one in every two prisoners and mental health detainees in Australia and New Zealand. It also goes by name, to judges from the High Court to magistrates, and to every MP in every Parliament in both countries. Just Us is an entertaining and informative newspaper and also provides information on the rights of people held in prisons and in mental health units. This publication gives a voice to prisoners, patients and other detainees all over New Zealand and Australia as a tool to make a difference to their lives.

Justice Action recently spoke with Eric McGraw, Editor of Inside Time, the UK newspaper for prisoners, about Just Us and his own reflections on the prison system in the UK. See below.

Q & A July 4 with Eric McGraw on YouTube and JUST US inspiration with Eric McGraw    

JUST US editions can be found here
was its predecessor with 47 editions distributed nationally to libraries and individuals in prisons and locked hospitals.
Jail News editions are available on request.


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