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National & International Criminal Justice
- Links and Resources

Australian Criminology, Correction and Police

ACRO-Australian Community Safety & Research Org. Inc.

ACT Corrective Services
Australian Capital Territory prison department.

Aus. Law Reform Commission
- Inquiry into Children and the legal Process

Australian Deaths in Custody & Police Operations
Australian Institute of Criminology

Australian Institute of Criminology
Includes some extensive statistics on prisons, crime, police and deaths in custody.

Australian Law Reform Commission -
- Disciplinary systems
Civil and administrative penalties reference: An overview

Australasian Legal Information Institute
A joint facility of UTS and UNSW Faculties of Law

Chris Griffith's story list

Coalition for Gun Control - Australia
This site provides evidence-based information with full references and regular updates for Australians and New Zealanders concerned to reduce gun violence in their communities.

Cop Watch Australia Anonymous Email.
Send information to the Wood Royal Commission on Police Corruption

"CopWatch" Homepage - Australia
Public vigilance: Expose a crooked cop.

Crime & Justice Statistics - Western Aus.

CrimNet Listserv, Uni of Sydney
University of Sydney, School of Law, Institute of Criminology

Nat. Crime Authority (Territory Provisions) ACT 1991
- Long Title

NSW Police Home Page

Police Assoc of South Australia (PASA)
- Table of contents

Qld - Megler Report on Drugs in Jail
Com. of Inquiry into Drugs in Qld Custodial Correctional Centres

Qld Corrective Services Comm Directory

Qld Corrective Services Organisational Chart
Organisational chart

Vic Auditor-General's Office (Au) On Privatisation
'The success of privatisation will be influenced by the soundness of the management practices implemented by the Government...'

Australian Law libraries and Legal resources

AustLII - SINO Search
Australasian Legal Information Insititute - searchable databases

Australian Law Reform Commission

CINCH - Australian Criminology Database
One of OZLINE's available databases.

E Law - Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law
Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law is a general journal of law and legal issues published by the Murdoch University School of Law.

Faculty of Law - Uni of Sydney
Including the "Lunch-in-Progress" Seminars [?]

Western Australian Department of Justice
Western Australia's portal to justice services.

FindLaw - LawCrawler

Fitzroy Legal Service - Victoria
One of Australia's first Community Legal Centres, with comprehensive law, prison, and justice links and print publications catalog.

Foreign and International Law Web
A service of Washburn University School of Law Library - US. Includes Australian Law Resources

Foundation Law
Foundation Law is an initiative of the Law Foundation of New South Wales and has been designed to give you easy access to a wide range of legal material both nationally and internationally.

Global Legal Information Network
Database of national laws from contributing countries around the world, accessed through the US Library of Congress

About the Court, Filing Documents, Justices, Legal
Links, Library, Publications, Registry, etc

... SEARCH on LawNet

Database of International Labour Org's

Judith Bowers' Law List
Legal and Non-legal WWW resources for Canadian lawyers.

Law Journal EXTRA! - The Web Site for Lawyers

Law Society of NSW - Online

Law Society of NSW Australia
A professional association for the solicitors branch of the legal profession.

LAWNET: Legal Help
List of community legal centres throughout Australia.


LawRunner Australia
A Legal Research Tool

Legal List of Uni. of Arkansas
Large document of law list resources.

Library of Congress Home Page

Lillian Goldman Library
at Yale Law School

'The Other Side of the Wall'

Prison Legal News
PLN covers prison-related news and analysis from across the country and around the world. It's focus is on prison struggle in all arenas.

Prison Legal News
Monthly newsletter published and edited by Washington State prisoners

Prisoners' Legal Rights and Remedies
US, written for prisoners

Australian National University - Law Faculty
The Faculty has centres in Environmental, Economic, Commercial, International, Public Law and Intellectual Property.

Uni of Qld Law School

Uni of Toronto Centre of Criminology Library
Search CRIMDOC database, produced by the Criminology information Service

Uni of Toronto Criminology Library
- Info & Ref Resources

World Criminal Justice Library Network
Comprehensive resources from Rutgers University, USA

Prison Health Resources - Medical Journals & Databases Online

AIDS Education Global Information System
Welcome to Aegis -- the largest HIV knowledgebase in the world. (3.2 GB of information in 360, 603+ documents). AEGIS is fully indexed and searchable.

British Medical Journal Online

eMJA - The Medical Journal of Australia

HIV/AIDS in the Brit Med Journal & THE LANCET
Exeter Uni, UK. Here you will find bibliographical details of articles, letters & editorials on HIV/AIDS that have appeared in the British Medical Journal or the Lancet since September/October 1992.

LifeLines® Medical Journal
"The newest and most innovative site on the net" (sic)

The Lancet
British Medical Journal with searchable database

World Health Org WWW HomePage
With searchable database

Criminal Justice Resources

Biometric Checks for Personal ID
Biometric Consortium
Biometric Digest
The Biometric Digest - a monthly publication presenting an executive news digest on biometrics, identification, security, fraud, finger imaging, voice recognition, retinal scanning and other means of positive identification
Biometric Indentification Inc.
Manufacturer and supplier
Cambridge Neurodynamics-Biometric Solutions
Interesting description of anticipated systems use, with graphic showing system components.
CardTech/SecurTech: 1997 Exhibitors
CTST - organising tradeshows and exhibitions for surveillance, fingerprint, voice recognition and other privacy-challenged technologies.
DSS - Digital Imaging
EFFweb - The Electronic Frontier Foundation
Electronic Privacy Information Center Home Page
EPIC is a public interest research center in Washington, D.C. It was established in 1994 to focus public attention on emerging civil liberties issues and to protect privacy, the First Amendment, and constitutional values. Includes searchable archives.
EPIC - ID Cards Archive
EPIC - FOI Open Government Archive
Including guildeines for obtaining records and documents using Freedom of Information Act
FBI Fingerprint Matching System
NCIC 2000 -- Vol. 1 No. 5
FBI on Fingerprint Images
NCIC 2000 -- Vol. 1 No. 2
FINGERSCAN - an Identix Co.
Australian company develops biometric technology and gets bought out by US mulitnational.
Freedom of Info Act - USA
Step By Step Use Guide
International Biometric Society
Leveraging Auto Fingerprint ID Technology
Lockheed Martin - AFIS Fingerprint Systems
Global military contractor provides 'information systems that take the bit out of crime with fingerprint ID systems'
MytecTech - Biometric Encryption
Nat Reg Inc. on 'Personal Identification Systems'
NRI's comprehensive family of finger-imaging software, products and systems brings the power of positive identification to everyday customer service, records management, and transaction-processing activities.

Privacy Com of Canada
The Privacy Commissioner is the federal government's privacy ombudsman. The Commissioner is appointed by Parliament to investigate individuals' complaints and monitor government compliance with the federal Privacy Act.
Privacy Com of NSW
The Privacy Committee is a New South Wales statutory body created in 1975 under the Privacy Committee Act to investigate and report on privacy issues affecting the people of New South Wales.
Moderated digest for discussion and analysis of issues relating to the general topic of privacy, personal and collective. Includes Privacy Listserv mailing list.
Privacy framework for SMART CARD applic's
Canada: The purpose of this paper is to raise awareness of the importance of a privacy and ethical framework to protect the interests of individuals using smart cards.

Privacy International HomePage
Privacy International was formed in 1990 as a watchdog on surveillance by governments and corporations.

ProTech Monitoring Inc.
Selling ankle bracelets that are tracked by the Global Positioning Network

Reason Foundation - Privatisation Centre
Right-wing think tank that promotes privatisation of government services and publishes 'Privatisation Watch' newsletter

Surveillance / Electronic Panopticon

The ACLU on National Identification Cards

TouchLock II Fingerprint Terminal
Product of FingerScan, division of Identix

UK - Seller of Biometric Veinchecks

Children, Juvenile Justice and Youth detention

We note that the lack of web resources available in Australia (and in general) regarding these important issues, is indicative of the problem itself.

Amnesty International Press Release 1/96
Au: Juvenile Aboriginal Detention a Key Human Rights Concern

CJC - Juvenile Justice
Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Grant Program, US Dept. of Justice, Criminal Justice Council

Children's Rights Project

Child Welfare League of America


(UN) Committee on the Rights of the Child

Excite Search Results
for juvenile justice and wards

Family Conferences
in the Juvenile Justice System of Sth Australia
E Law from Murdoch University

Foster Care Corner

Fifth Metro Juvenile Justice Team Launched (19/3/96).
Attorney General/Minister for Justice of Western Australia. (Note: 12 months later, WA is proposing three strikes and you're out for juvenile property crime offenders

Juvenile Crime Research Page - US
"Resolved that the federal government should establish a program to substantially reduce juvenile crime in the United States"... Links

Juvenile Justice Western Aus. Gov. - MOJ Hand Book

Justice Information Center (NCJRS): Juvenile Justice

Minister For Community Services - NSW
News Release - Minister for Juvenile Justice attempts to explain away juvenile detention rates

MIFA Unauthorized
- Juvenile Crime Research

Nat. Clearinghouse for Youth Studies
- Uni of Tas

Nat (US) Data Archive on Child Abuse & Neglect
- Gopher Menu


Protecting Children
- Family and Children's Services Wst Au
Information package developed by WA Family and Children Services

Publications Relating to Juveniles
Australian Institute of Criminology

Rights commissioner (Youth Affairs Council of Sth Aust)
blasts 'youth crime wave' fiction

Save the Children

State Wards & Children
- WAIS Gopher Menu

- Child Rights Information Network

- Convention on the Rights of the Child

U.S. Children's Rights Law

Juvenile Justice Private Contractors
Res-Care Online
In late 1995, Res-Care entered the field of juvenile detention/treatment for the first time with the creation of our new Youthtrack, Inc. subsidiary.

- Wackenhut Corrections Contracts For Louisiana Youth Correctional Facility
Wackenhut continues privatisation of youth facilities.

Youth Services International, Inc.
YSI is the premier provider in the Youth Care Industry of educational and developmental services that change, dramatically, the thinking and behavior of troubled youth, preparing them to become 'self-sufficient taxpayers.'


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