Unlock is an independent award-winning charity which provides information, advice, training and advocacy, dealing with the ongoing effects of criminal convictions. 

Their knowledge and insight helps them to work with government, employers and others, to change policies and practices to create a fairer and more inclusive society so that people with convictions can move on in their lives.

What does this mean in practice?

We provide online information, advice and support to people with convictions through our Information Hub, Disclosure Calculator, Online Forum and Online Magazine

We provide direct information, advice and support to people with convictions through our Helpline

We recruit and train people with convictions as volunteers to help support the information and advice we provide

We run training courses on criminal record disclosure for those that help people with convictions

We challenge employers and others in their use of criminal records

We support employers who are handling criminal record information

We work at a policy level to influence, change policies and improve practices towards people with convictions


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Justice Action
Trades Hall, Level 2, Suite 204
4 Goulburn Street
Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

T 02 9283 0123
F 02 9283 0112
E ja@justiceaction.org.au
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