Introduction - Youth Crime

The subject of youth crime has been one of much public debate over the last few years.  Statistics demonstrate that many youths who resort to crime face serious social and economical marginalisation.  Justice Action believes that major changes have to be made to the current youth justice…

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The Juvenile Justice System


The Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) manages young offenders by means of supervision within the community or within Juvenile Justice Centres under remand or control (sentenced) orders. Under the Children's (Criminal Proceedings) Act 1987 and associated legislation, young offenders are…

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Beyond Bars - Youth Crime

Young people are often depicted in the media and elsewhere as constituting an increasingly dangerous and 'criminal' group.  However, common perceptions of a 'juvenile crime wave' are not borne out by reality.  There are many common misconceptions about young people and crime.  This…

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Juvenile Justice Resources

Valuable NSW Research Publications and Resources

The following is a listing of resources that are very well researched and go beyond the hype given in most publications dealing with youth crime and violence. Whilst they may not be applicable in your geographic location they could probably give a…

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