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The strike was launched at a news conference in Trades Hall at 12 noon, Thursday August 6

 Media attending strike launch

The Inspector's Report

Symbolic ending of overcrowded prisons 


Tracy Brannigan Action Plan





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Sickness Effects of Tobacco Ban

Sickness Effects of Tobacco Ban


The tobacco ban has a direct impact on prisoners who regularly smoke as it will expose them to the sickness effects of nicotine withdrawal. This also has further implications for any employment that they are undertaking.

Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms


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SA Ombudsman Defends iExpress
Wayne Lines, the South Australian ombudsman, has found JA to be a multipurpose advocacy organisation. Therefore, the banning of South Australian prisoners communication to JA and therefore access to iExpress has been found to be "unreasonable". The Chief…

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Our Achievements

JA has continually supported the rights and welfare of prisoners, mental health patients and their families as an expression of the prisoner community in Australia. JA has also contributed to the safety of the wider community. The organisation’s activities have addressed a wide range of areas…

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Breakout DesignPrintWeb

Breakout DesignPrintWeb

"Oxfam encourages socially responsible companies to support Justice Action by inviting BREAKOUT to quote for their design and print work."

Andrew Hewett, Executive Director, Oxfam/Community Aid Abroad.

In order to stay completely independent Justice Action has relied on Breakout DesignPrintWeb as…

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Welcome to Justice Action

The Justice Action Team
Welcome to Justice Action

About Justice Action

Justice Action represents people locked in Australian prisons and hospitals, defending human rights in the hardest places. The movement to provide a voice, and to show support for prisoners dates back to when Australia was a penal colony. The movement arose in response to the…

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