Prison Issues

Prison Issues

ICOPA History

The International Conference on Penal Abolition
written by the late Ruth Morris.
Rittenhouse, Canada 1997

The modern abolition movement has roots in European criminologists promoting abolition, and American (mostly Quaker) abolitionists. Fay Honey Knopp's group in the USA produced a landmark book…

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"The time has come to abolish the game of crime and punishment, and to substitute a paradigm of resitutition and responsibility. The goal is the civilization of our treatment of offenders."
Ruth Morris of Rittenhouse, Canada 1997

What is ICOPA?

The International Conference on Penal Abolition (ICOPA)…

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Art in Prison

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” 
- Twyla Tharp

Art in Prison is a project that documents the history of Prison Art as a genre and exploring its impact as an effective therapeutic and rehabilitative tool that offers a form of communication that transcends…

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Needle and Syringe Program

The proposed Needle and Syringe Program at the Andrew Maconochie Centre in the ACT provides a window through which to view attitudes towards prisoners’ health and their right to an equivalent health care system. The fierce objection to its introduction by prison officers highlights…

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Torture in the Light of APEC

Torture in Light of APEC
Following the recent APEC summit and in light of the recent Prisoner Declaration the world is left wondering where prisoner rights played into APEC.

Not discussed among the APEC talks were the overwhelming and unresolved cases of torture from many of the countries…

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Prisons and mental illness

Prisons have become the defacto mental institutions. Exclusion of the mentally ill is most starkly expressed in the government policy for expansion of the prison system; stigmatising the people held there and the blocking of community support for them.

LEFT OUT - Prisoners and mental health


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