The Treatment of Saeed Dezfouli

History of Treatment

In February 2002 Saeed was transferred to Long Bay Prison Hospital and in 2004 he was found not guilty due to mental illness. Since that time he has been held indefinitely and subjected to continuous abuse. His mistreatment by the staff of Justice Health and the department of corrective services at Long Bay hospital can be seen through the following examples.

  • A number of times they kept Saeed naked in a solitary confinement cell for days to "break him down".
  • The first time, when they forced medication into him by injection they broke two of his ribs. The second time they left him bruised all over and in severe physical pain for days.
  • Twice they left him in a cell without toilet paper for four (4) days.
  • DCS Officers broke a number of his bones in LBH-1.
  • In January of 2005 Saeed got brutally assaulted by DCS Officers and as a result got a permanent back injury. Saeed was taken to Prince of Wales Hospital Emergency Room for the injuries inflicted upon him by DCS Officers.
  • Saeed now is suffering from heart condition, ulcers and diabetes as a result of the side effects of anti-psychotic medications combined with going through a daily oppressive and suppressive regimen.


“What’s going on here is totally inhumane and unlawful. It is passive and active physical and mental torture, sexual harassment and sexual assault, which are severe violations of the Provisions of NSW Mental Health Act 2007 and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights including Article 5, which states, "No one shall be subjected to cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment".

Saeed Dezfouli


A petition from the patients was reported in The Australian Newspaper on 31 October 2005.

“26 of the 30 patients at Long Bay Prison Hospital in the ward have complained to the Health Care Complaints Commission and the NSW Ombudsman about notes on their psychiatric conditions that are fabricated and saying the nurses and doctors rarely bother to talk to them. Several prisoners had gone on hunger strikes. Many patients have been overdosed and medicated against their will.”

Saeed Dezfouli

Saeed wrote to the NSW Ombudsman, concerning a complaint about the conduct of medical officers. The complaint raised the following issues regarding the medical treatment of patients residing in Long Bay Hospital Area…

1. That patients are grabbed and dragged to the cells and get injected whilst being assaulted;
2. That the nurses do not provide adequate nursing care to patients;
3. That the nurses fabricated notes and call them nurses notes;
4. That the Psychiatrists show up for a couple of days a week for a couple of hours a day, read the nurses’ notes and then write prescriptions without seeing patients.
5. That some patients do not speak to a doctor for months;
6. That many nurses do not speak to many patients for months;
7. That some patients don’t speak English for their English is limited and that no doctors or nurses speak to them at all;
8. That a number of patients were kept in segregation by false and fabricated accusations and allegations lodged against them by the nurse or prison officers; and
9. That many patients are being over dosed.

Attached to the complaint were the signatures of twenty-five patients. Noted in their letter HCCC stamped 11 October 2005 by Kieran Pehm Commissioner but no charges occurred. Despite receiving the letter, as well as the many signatures, the complaints officer did not pursue the issue and nothing happened.

Current complaint details Sexual Assault (HREOC case no 081005)

On the 26th of March 2007 Saeed said that officers at Long Bay Prison Hospital in C Ward sexually assaulted him. He said that a number of times he has been insulted, assaulted, injured, sexually harassed and sexually assaulted by some DCS officers and staff of Justice Health. As a result he believes that his complaints have usually backfired on him. For instance he said that the prison officers said they would go on strike and voted to get him moved out of the C-Ward area of the prison hospital. He said he was then transferred to D Ward, which is a very violent and unpredictable ward where he was twice assaulted and injured by DCS Officers and once by an Inmate/Patient.

Saeed was placed in DCS Segregation as soon as he complained about being sexually assaulted by DCS Officers.

"I am a patient with patients rights, an inmate with inmates rights and a human being with human rights".

Saeed Dezfouli


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