Attorney-General: bloodied from mental health case

“The ongoing saga of Saeed Dezfouli developed into farce yesterday when an investigator sent to interview Justice Action regarding material on its website refused to ask his questions in front of witnesses. He left saying that his right to privacy was being violated. He said that he was protecting Saeed’s rights under the Mental Health Act to not be named, although Saeed says he has the right to his name in criticising his forced treatment. It all seems unhealthy secrecy wielding immense power” said Justice Action Coordinator Brett Collins.

“The investigator from the Crown Solicitor’s Office, identified as Robert Lancaster, entered the JA office yesterday to do a formal interview, and discovered an eight member team working in the area. He left for a fifteen minute consultation with his office and returned demanding that it be a private interview, refused to explain why, and tried to stop a photographic record being taken before shouting ‘I’m not part of a circus’ and leaving” said Mr Collins. 

“The Dezfouli case has advanced on several fronts. In the Forensic Hospital Justice Health psychiatrist Rafe Pulley tried to increase and inject the forced medication on March 13. He was told that he is opposed by independent psychiatric advice, and must have a new hearing to get the power to do so. Paliperidone is described by patients as a poison with severe side effects including nausea, insomnia and inability to concentrate, and Saeed isn’t causing anyone any problem” said Mr Collins.

“The costs case of $36,000 arising out of Mr Dezfouli’s Supreme Court appeal against his treatment has advanced to the Court of Appeal. The Crown Solicitor representing the Attorney General Greg Smith has argued procedural grounds to strike out the appeal, to be heard on April 8. Greg Smith previously intervened, however now is proceeding against Justice Action. This is despite unchallenged evidence that the Crown Solicitor used wrong information and misled the Court in its critical argument for costs.

“In its attempt at enforcement of the costs order, despite knowing the case was going to the Court of Appeal, the Crown Solicitor sought and obtained an warrant for my arrest and took all the money in my bank account leaving me $16. They finally saw their own behaviour and withdrew that enforcement before the Court of Appeal on March 11. These unprincipled bullies expose their lack of goodwill in health care for vulnerable people. We stand proudly as primary carer for Saeed Dezfouli” said Mr Collins.


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