Media Release 2/4/15

Media Release April 2, 2015

“Make Orders!” says Saeed

“The Mental Health Review Tribunal is a dysfunctional and corrupt organisation and a waste of the taxpayer’s money. This disgraceful Tribunal hides behind the NSW Mental Health Department. Make orders as you are required!”
– Saeed Dezfouli (9 March 2015)


On the 26th March, the Mental Health Review Tribunal reasserted its unwillingness to intervene by reviewing and authorising medication changes made by Justice Health. Saeed Dezfouli is currently being forcibly injected with 200mg of clopixol.

Saeed was attacked on Monday the 8th of December 2014 at 2:15pm. Dr Barbara Sinclair wished to talk with him for a minute, however Saeed stated that he did not want to talk unless Brett Collins (his primary carer) was present. Upon refusing to enter the treatment room, Saeed was dragged to his own room instead. His face was pushed down onto the floor and someone sat on him to hold him down, which results in Saeed feeling as though he “couldn’t breathe.” He was screaming and his pants were removed so he could be forcibly injected in the buttocks. At 3:45pm the same day, Saeed phoned Brett about the assault: “Brett, I am shocked; they just attacked me.”

However, while the MHRT Tribunal President Howard SC had previously provided a non-authoritative recommendation that “the paliperidone (not clopixol) will continue”, the inaction of the Tribunal has allowed Saeed’s doctors to issue a change in medication to clopixol, which causes Saeed a number of painful side effects, without notice. Due to the lack of a binding order mandating use of peliperidone and a history of failure in enforcing decisions against Justice Health, Dr Sinclair is free to administer possibly harmful drugs with no fear of reprimand.

The MHRT has claimed that they did not have authority to make orders relating to Saeed’s medication. However, Justice Action believes that these actions do not satisfy the MHRT’s supervisory obligations. We have been working tirelessly to compel the MHRT to effectively exercise their jurisdiction to hold Justice Health doctors accountable. The MHRT’s complete lack of action is in contradiction with their clearly stated objectives.

The provision of a consumer worker to Saeed, an outstanding recommendation by the Tribunal, still stands and was reaffirmed by the Tribunal on the 26th March. Delays in providing this service have been attributed to slow processing and objections to providing Saeed with an ‘advocate’, however, Justice Action is merely seeking a NSW Health consumer worker.

Justice Action has repeatedly sought legal injunctions that would require the MHRT to act in accordance with their ethical and legal responsibilities. In the process of this campaign, Justice Action has been hit with a $60,000 debt for court fees. The government however, has since withdrawn this debt and Justice Action will continue its fight to protect the most vulnerable members of our justice system.

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