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Emu Plains update 10/07

With the removal of traditional all day visits by children to their mothers at the Emu Plains Prison DCS has systematically begun the breakdown of families and an increase in re-offending. Even Assistant Director of DCS, Mr. L. Grant acknowledged this:
“We believe that people who maintain contact with their families are less likely to re-offend...

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Life sentence

The Persecution of the Diagnosed

This is Aboriginal Land. This is Aboriginal Land. Indigenous Cultural Respect, Land Rights & Peace.
*Warning: Medical terms may cause offence! We’re not dissing you. Just talking about the situation.

“Whenever I go to jail, I get put in a strip cell in underwear and injected with Largactil” Ex-prisoner with historical diagnosis of schizophrenia. (Largactil is an old-style heavy-duty anti-psychotic with drastic physical and mental effects, also known as “chemical straitjacket”)

On the “outside” is a social justice emergency damning people with psychiatric, intellectual, neurological and developmental diagnoses and difficulties (PIND D&D) to poverty, homelessness, the removal of rights, institutional abuse and being capsicum sprayed by the police.

Like other oppressed groups, our life is criminalised by the injustice of law.

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Long Bay battle: Analysis of law/history

Wilful disregard of the law and history

The actions of Justice Health and the Attorney General in implementing the extended lockdown of forensic patients at Long Bay, wilfully disregards the law, undertakings given in Parliament and the lessons of history.

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Teachers protest Long Bay

Media Release NSW Teachers Federation below. Also The Greens media release

Education for all including patients at Long Bay Hospital 15 July 2008

The NSW Teachers Federation calls on the Department of Corrective
Services to ensure that access to education programs at the new
Long Bay Hospital is not cut by half, and for the Minister for
Justice, John Hatzistergos, to legislate to give inmates in NSW the
right to education.

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Corey Brough

Short Statement Summarising the Corey Brough Case:
The United Nations Human Rights Committee has ruled that Corey Brough, an adolescent Aboriginal man with a mild intellectual disability, has been the victim of human rights violations at the hand of the New South Wales prison officials whilst being detained at Parklea Correctional Centre in Sydney. The Australian government, a signatory to the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, has refused to acknowledge the Committee’s decision and are currently ignoring calls for an effective remedy for this vulnerable individual.

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A Community Response

Prison Violence - A Community Response
Prepared by Josh Forrest

We propose an idea to counter violence within the prison setting. The aim is to create safer prison environments for the prisoners that will, in turn, make it safer for the prison staff.

Based upon the principles of civil society, establishing interpersonal relations with prisoners and with the human right of freedom of association, we will prepare for the release of prisoners and then evaluate their skills that will be beneficial to society. This will help establish themselves and work their way back into society.

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