Roseanne Catt

This case exposes the thorough erosion of so much that is good in our society - the issues themselves become clouded by disbelief. Roseanne Catt is already the longest serving female prisoner in NSW.

Roseanne Catt was found guilty of trying to kill her husband in 1991. She was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment (of which she served 10 years) for possessing a revolver and assaulting, stabbing, attempting to poison and planning to murder on her ex-husband Barry Catt.

During those ten years, Roseanne continued to protest her innocence. She had always (and honestly) maintained that she was framed as a result of a conspiracy between her ex-husband and the detective who investigated the case, Peter Thomas.

In 2001, the truth was finally revealed when the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal received fresh findings by the judge who found that Mr. Thomas had used improper methods of investigation. The corrupt ex-NSW Detective had conspired with others to fabricate evidence and lay false charges, subsequently misleading the court to falsely convict and innocent woman. Roseanne was found not guilty and was released out of prison.

As a result of her 10 years of wrongful incarceration, Roseanne has now become the state's longest serving female prisoner. For the pain and suffering she endured at the hands of the state's corruption and false conviction, there is widespread support both politically and from the community for Roseanne to be compensated, coupled with a public apology by the Government.

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An archive of the days before the judge can be read, and the full story exposed by following the story below.
The accounts are emails relayed by a staunch, and long time supporter of Roseanne Catt's - the effervescent Sister Mary Court. Let her emails tell the story...

Day 1
August 2001 - The Attorney General's Department released Roseanne on bail pending an Inquiry into her sentencing (based upon fresh evidence). Legal Aid had been granted for preparation and presentation for the Inquiry. Three Supreme Court judges concurred that there was enough evidence to re-open the case and appointed Judge Davidson to preside over the matter. So, for the past 15 months with the assistance of Legal Aid for the lawyers to obtain many affidavits and to subpoena fresh witnesses from interstate, everything has been in place ready for the Inquiry.

However, last Thursday the Attorney General's Department contacted the lawyers and said they would not be funding the Inquiry which was to start today. (Whenever the Attorney General's Department order an Inquiry they usually pay for it!). But without funding to cover the defence witness expenses, the subpoenas cannot be served.

Their plan was to try and adjourn the matter to another date(forgive my cynicism about a looming election) thinking Roseanne would not be able to continue but they don't know Roseanne. She has waited for too many years for this day and said she would continue even if she has to represent herself. Praise the Lord, the barrister Mr Andrew Martin has agreed to act on her behalf without pay this week while the Crown's witnesses are appearing first. (Bless him Lord and all the other lawyers working pro bono for Roseanne!)

So there you have it... short version...

We need a breakthrough for the Legal Aid funding to be released once again for Roseanne's matter to proceed without hindrance. Keep up the prayer support! GOD Bless You all in this "Season of the Truth" being manifested.

Mary Court

Day 2

Hello everyone,

I went to work today so I can't give you any details except to say I rang Roseanne and Claudette today to see how it was all going and was told the ex policeman, Peter Thomas continued to be trapped in his own lies and is floundering under the brilliant questioning of Roseanne's barrister, Andrew Martin. Even the Judge made comment he couldn't understand how she could have been charged with perjury when the matter had only been half heard!

All the newspapers today covered the first day in Court fairly well where it was discovered Det.Thomas arrested Roseanne on the charge of trying to poison her husband. However, one thing he overlooked was - the results of the test were not finalised by the government laboratories until a month after her arrest! So as the barrister asked: how did you know there was lithium in the milk?

Joan and I will be in Court tomorrow so will have more news...

Please continue to pray that the Crown will not drag this thing out over a long period of time and that Legal Aid will come forth for the defence witnesses to be subpoenaed.

If you are free to come and give support at any time during the day, it's in the Wentworth Chambers, Phillip Street (next to Supreme Court) 1st floor, Court room 7 - starts at 10 am, lunch from 1-2 pm and finishes at 4 pm.

Continue to fight the good fight of faith! Love to you all... Mary

Day 3

Hello everyone,

Roseanne sends her thanks for all your prayers, support and to let you know we've had a breakthrough! We found out this morning that after much deliberation by Premier Bob Carr and Attorney General Bob Debus they will be providing partial funding for the Inquiry - but only starting from today. However an appeal will be submitted to the Legal Aid Commission for the full legal aid funding to pay the lawyers for all the preparation and presentation leading up to the Inquiry as there has been an enormous amount of work done. So please continue praying that they honour their original commitment to fund ALL the Inquiry. (The Crown has all the funds to bring in their witnesses).

Ex policeman Peter Thomas was in the stand all day. With the astute questioning by Roseanne's barrister, Andrew Martin, Peter Thomas time and time again got caught in his own lies; blamed his buddies for what he himself instigated, e.g. he said he always believed Det Cottee had planted the gun at Roseanne's house... after much questioning on how the Sixty Minutes program got hold of police photos taken the day of Roseanne's arrest, he said he didn't give Sixty Minutes the photos but that after the trial the Crown gave the photos and documents to his friend Adrian Newell who gave them to Sixty Minutes!!

Our prayers have been that he would get trapped in his own snare and it certainly has been happening. GOD is faithful.

Please continue to support Roseanne in your prayers as it has been a harrowing couple of days for her to re-live the ordeal of the day she was arrested.


Mary Court

Day 4
Hello everyone,

I worked today so couldn't get to the Court. However I rang Roseanne and Claudette tonight to get some information...

They said to keep up the prayer support because it surely is working!! It was a FANTASTIC DAY! Ex policeman Peter Thomas kept "putting his foot in it every time he opened his mouth".

Not only was there an internal Taree Police memo by Thomas stating that any complaints made by Roseanne Catt were not to be taken on by anyone but were to be referred to him at the Newcastle Police.

A supporter who was in Court today rang me with the following as well:...

There was also another internal memo by Thomas stating that if Barry Catt was brought into the station, nobody was to do anything.

Also tabled was a letter by Thomas complaining about his Police Superior who had ordered Thomas to stay away from witnesses at Roseanne's trial.

NB: Yesterday the Judge also had to remind Thomas to stay away from witnesses and Roseanne's supporters as he had harrassed a couple of them in the Court room hallway the previous day.

The Judge made comment that there were things in this case which are UNPRECEDENTED and has allowed the barrister to go back into the trial transcripts because there were huge oversights.

We value your prayers of support. Please continue to pray that the evildoers will be ensnared in their own plottings and schemings. Also pray that the Inquiry will not drag on but will be over in half the time. Thank you Lord for your perfect timing!

Continue to fight the good fight of FAITH. I'll be back in Court on Monday so will have more first-hand news...


Mary Court

Day 5
Hello everyone,

With ex detective Peter Thomas still in the stand he seems to be developing Altzheimers because every other question he doesn't want to answer he says "I can't recall". However when he wants to put something across he remembers every detail, name, date etc.

The barrister, Andrew Martin was able to determine that there was vital evidence which had not been shown to the jury at Roseanne's trial.

It was also pointed out how Peter Thomas had intimidated witnesses into changing their stories. Also, photos taken in the house on the day of Roseanne's arrest did not match up with statements made by arresting officers of where particular items had been "found".

Peter Thomas also denied he had leaked the defamatory allegations to the Daily Telegraph last Saturday.

Watch this space...the plot being better than an Agatha Christie mystery ... but certainly NOT for Roseanne!!

Please pray for "GOD's peace that surpasses all understanding" for Roseanne at this time and that God would shorten this whole process so that the Inquiry doesn't drag on...

A disciple of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, (if you read the Daily Tele you know what I mean)...Mary Court

Mary Court

Day 6
Hello everyone,

A new strange twist has arisen which cannot be disclosed at this point but it is very very good! Today is the first time ex detective Peter Thomas looked visibly shaken. Sooner or later people do get ensnared in their own lies and what you sow you surely do reap (GOOD and BAD) when you least expect it!


Tomorrow will be a very revealing day and I should be able to give you more details tomorrow night.

Mary Court

Day 8

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your prayers... Roseanne's barrister was fantastic today, very strong and clearly outwitted the three detectives who were squirming and uttering the usual chant "I can't recall" but whenever the other two detectives who were present the day of Roseanne's arrest did say something, it contradicted a lot of what Peter Thomas had previously said.

It was a wonderful end to a week full of highs and lows - but definitely more highs than lows.... (The power of prayer is a mighty weapon against the enemy and let me tell you, they are getting trapped in their own lies. We have had various supporters turn up throughout the past 8 days and that's the one comment they have mentioned - the obvious lies). Peter Thomas is looking very worried indeed. Pray for his salvation!

It really got quite ridiculous at one stage where a few days ago Peter Thomas positively denied he had attended Peter Bridge's trial (Roseanne's son whom he had arrested). Today he was asked again if he was at the trial and again he denied it. Even when the barrister Andrew Martin said don't you recall that I cross examined you at the trial (Andrew was Peter Bridge's lawyer), Peter Thomas denied it was him and said to Andrew he'd never seen him before in his life and that it must have been somebody posing as him!

When asked if he saw someone "posing as Peter Thomas" at the Bridge trial, Det Paget said no he didn't see him there at which the Judge intervened and said you mean to say you can't remember seeing one of your colleagues, the arresting officer at the trial? He repeated no.

When questioned about the police photos taken of items in Roseanne's bedroom the photos clearly contradicted where both Det. Cottee and Det. Paget said items were found. Also, photos of the bedroom had furniture with nothing on top but in other photos at different angles there appeared to be items which obviously had been placed there. Another photo blatantly showed an article on the left hand side of the bed and then again in another photo the same article was on the right hand side of the bed!

So that gives you an idea of what sort of a day it was...

It was so wonderful to see Roseanne relaxed and rejoicing. Please continue to pray for God's strength, wisdom and strategies for the barrister Andrew; God's wisdom upon the Judge; also God's provision for the other lawyers Kevin, Frances and Simone, that God would meet their needs. Also pray that the full legal aid funding for the Inquiry would come through and not just the partial funding starting from the 6th February mentioned by the Attorney General's Office.

Have a wonderful weekend...may the favour of Almighty God continue to shine upon us, in Jesus' wonderful name. Amen...


Day 9
Hello everyone,

What a great day to start the week! Hallelujah! The police who arrested Roseanne continue to be trapped in their wicked lies and contradict each other. (Keep on praying!...)

It was found that important witnesses for Roseanne did not turn up to the trial because the address on the subpoena was c/o Det. Peter Thomas at the Newcastle Police Station!

A couple of times the Judge warned that it is an offence to put false information on a warrant. (The reason given for the search of her house was not the reason given on the warrant).

The police photographer who took all the photos on the day of Roseanne's arrest will be on the stand tomorrow.

Another milestone comes tomorrow when there will be a very important summing up by the barrister.


Mary Court on behalf of THE FREE ROSEANNE TEAM

PS: In these days of fear and uncertainty with so much wickedness in the world, when people are in despair and have nowhere to turn to for a future and a hope, one can only look UP and PRAY! Your faithfulness in prayer support has been a powerful undergirding to this whole process and Roseanne often says that the power of prayer is truly remarkable and sends her heartfelt thanks for your prayer intercession on her behalf. Amen!

Day 11
No report

Day 12
Hello everyone,
Roseanne sends her thanks for your prayers and support.

The first day in Court proved to be very good especially during the afternoon when Peter Thomas, the police officer responsible for her incarceration got trapped in his own lies, not once but several times. (Keep praying that he will continue to ensnare himself in his own deceitful lies). The Court room was full of her family, supporters and friends, as well as many others who had been victimised and set up by Thomas... Please pray that the Attorney General (Bob Debus) will honour his original commitment to fund the Inquiry and that Legal Aid will be reinstated. For those of you who don't know the latest regarding Roseanne since her release on bail...

Another day... with Barry Catt on the stand talking about practically everything but the question he was asked to answer.

When asked about the "rock incident" where Roseanne was supposed to have hit him with a 5 kilo rock, he pointed to the back of his head where he said he had a scar and severe back injuries. However the medical report indicated a graze to the side of his face and no mention of back injury.

He wrote a letter to the ABC about his comments in the Four Corners program, stating he wasn't himself when he said some of the things he said, amongst other things.... However when he was shown the letter he denied writing it stating that someone forged his writing and they should have a handwriting expert look at it. When the barrister asked him to spell "media" he spelled out "metier" to which the barrister replied: the way you spelt it is the way it is in the letter!

He currently has approx. 5 restraining orders out on him to which he replied they owe him money.

The telephone account was subpoenaed of one of the women who has a restraining order out on him and on it were 80 mobile calls over a 2 day period from Barry Catt. His reply was that she must have gone to his office to make the calls to herself to make him look bad!

Please continue to pray for all wickedness to be exposed and the whole truth in this matter to finally be revealed. Thank you for your prayer support for Roseanne. She is truly a remarkable woman. With all the pressures of going to Court every day and having to sit through the lies and be in the same room as those who had her put in jail for 12 years, I have been privileged to witness a woman of great strength and dignity, who in the midst of horrendous adversity and opposition all these years, always manages to inquire after the welfare of others. Praise the LORD!

Please also continue to pray for her barrister - strategies and Wisdom from above... Never under-estimate the POWER OF PRAYER! Hallelujah!


Mary Court on behalf of

Day 13

Hello everyone,

Please continue to pray for Roseanne's protection. Last night she received a death threat over the phone; tyres were slashed when she came out from the convent this morning, and SMH journalist Wendy Bacon brought to the Court a bullet which she had been sent. (The bullet was handed to Graham Fellows who will be a witness in the case. It was previously photographed by the SMH and a photo appeared in a 2001 article about the case. it is now an exhibit at Surry Hills Police Station.)

On the stand today Barry Catt said he has never taken any drugs or had any AVO's out on him until Roseanne came along. The barrister then produced documents to the contrary as well as 7 AVO's (apprehended violence orders) against him since Roseanne was sentenced to prison. Also documents where he alleged his previous wife had tried to kill him.

Please also pray that the answering machine tapes of Barry Catt threatening to kill Roseanne and others will be allowed to be admitted as evidence. Today the Crown blocked them from being produced.

The Crown are fully aware of the criminal activities of the above. They have a history of complaints (ABC Four Corners, October 2000 even did an expose on Peter Thomas!) against them by a multitude of Australian citizens yet nothing has been done to stop them by the Police. Please pray that God would expose the cover-up.

We value your prayers because we know that Almighty God moves on the prayers of His people! Amen!


Mary Court on behalf of THE FREE ROSEANNE TEAM

ADDITIONAL REPORT Tomorrow (Friday 21 Feb)
at Wentworth Chambers (Court 7)bin Phillip Street
ex Detective Peter Thomas (warned last week by Judge Davidson he is in jeopardy of being prosecuted for perjury), has been summoned to appear with his legal representative. (This is the third time he has been summoned. Previous excuses for not appearing were that his legal representative was too busy!)

Det Boyd-Skinner (assigned to assist the Crown in the Inquiry) will take the stand regarding a written Statement he submitted to the Court last week testifying he was with Peter Thomas when he handed documents to the media. (Thomas had previously denied under oath that he had given information to Peter Lalor of the Daily Telegraph).

Today Roseanne's barrister Andrew Martin raised concerns with Judge Davidson about death threats Roseanne received Wednesday night; car tyres slashed; and how journalist Wendy Bacon had been sent a bullet which was given to the Court.

Why is it that the Crown can afford to give Peter Thomas and Barry Catt assigned security officers to escort them from their hotel to the Court and back and yet Roseanne has been given no security whatsoever??

Please continue to pursue this story until the whole TRUTH is revealed and natural justice is finally restored to Roseanne.


Mrs Mary Court

Day 15

Hello everyone,

There was a legal argument all day about whether the tapes would be admissable so it wasn't until after 2 pm when Barry Catt got on the stand. He contradicted all other evidence given before e.g. the knife in evidence that Roseanne was supposed to have stabbed him with, wasn't the knife and yet at her trial he said it was (long butcher's knife); on Sixty Minutes he said it was an oyster knife and today he said it wasn't the knife shown to him!

He said Roseanne had the Taree police in her pocket! (A bit hard when she's been in jail for 10 years!).

Through all his ramblings, he mentioned that Adrian Newell and Peter Thomas had been in Sydney with him. (So much for the Judge telling them all when they were on the stand, not to talk about the case to anyone!)

Peter Thomas solicitor turned up to ask the Judge for more time because he couldn't get to the Court until Wednesday. This is the 4th time Peter Thomas has kept the Court waiting! (Both Thomas and Catt have been able to manipulate the judicial system for years).

Judge Davidson entered Wendy Bacon's article in the SMH today as evidence and told the Crown it was a very serious matter about the witnesses being threatened and what is the Crown doing about it. (For the past 18 months these witnesses in the Taree area have been asking for help but to no avail. One has been bashed and still nothing has been done to protect them).

Please continue to pray for the breakthrough in all of this, and lobby the Authorities especially for Defence witness protection and Defence funding.


Mary Court

Day 16
Hello everyone,

The third character in the "gang of 3" appeared on the stand today - Adrian Newell. Whilst Peter Thomas couldn't recall much; Barry Catt recalled everything but the question asked, plus more! Adrian Newell continued to get caught in his own web of lies and there were some whoppers that just didn't make sense at all! The barrister was brilliant in his questioning, at times tipping Newell off balance where he let slip a few things contradicting himself.

Instead of using the Taree police station, Det Peter Thomas and Det Paget would use an empty house Newell owned, to take police statements from different people. Newell denied seeing a typewriter. (Last week Det Paget when questioned said the house didn't have much furniture except for the table with a typewriter. (We have heard how one person was made to change her statement in that house with a gun to her head). IS THIS AUSTRALIA?

Statements were obtained from some people AFTER Roseanne was arrested.

Prior to Roseanne marrying Barry Catt, Adrian Newell said he was aware Barry Catt had been scheduled to psychiatric clinics by his previous wife and doctors, on several occasions and by others. He knew Barry had a bipolar affective disorder, a manic depressive illness and therefore had been taking prescribed lithium for his illness. Newell himself had taken Barry Catt to the Doctor when he was in a hypomanic state.

(Knowing all this, it was Adrian Newell himself who took the milk out of Barry Catt's fridge, gave it to his and Barry's friend, Det. Thomas saying he thought Roseanne was trying to poison Barry. Thomas held onto it for over a week before sending it to the laboratories for testing and what do you know? It had lithium in it!) Thomas arrests Roseanne in August for trying to poison Barry but as we heard last week from the brilliant barrister, in his haste to arrest Roseanne, he overlooked one thing... the certificate from the laboratory stating the milk had lithium in it, didn't turn up until September!! So how did Thomas know there was lithium in the milk?? THIS IS VERY VERY SERIOUS STUFF....ROSEANNE HAS SPENT 10 YEARS IN JAIL - SHE WAS CURRENTLY THE LONGEST SERVING FEMALE PRISONER IN A NSW JAIL!

With regard to the stabbing incident where Roseanne was supposed to have stabbed Barry - he did not report to the police and he did not go to the hospital. THIS IS VERY SERIOUS STUFF...ROSEANNE RECEIVED YEARS FOR THIS INCIDENT!

When the Judge asked the Crown had anything been done to protect the witnesses the Crown replied nothing had been reported to them about the witnesses needing protection. LIES! (The witnesses have been asking for protection for the past 18 months ever since they came forward with fresh evidence! Roseanne's solicitors Brock Partners have also contacted the Police about harassment of the witnesses).

Adrian Newell said he was not at Roseanne Catt's trial when the judge addressed the jury. (However he is on the ABC Four Corners program with Barry Catt and Peter Thomas shaking hands outside the Court the day Roseanne was sentenced).

Having sat in the Court these past couple of weeks and listened to all the horrendous and ugly details, I've had to remind myself this is not America; it's not a movie; it's real and we haven't even got to the root of the matter yet. But one thing I do believe... GOD is going to expose the rot which is at the very core of this whole sordid matter, as to why the gang of 3 have been protected all these years and by whom.



Mary Court

Day 17
Hello everyone,

It was another great day where Adrian Newell kept putting his foot in it!

When questioned about a tape he was trying to introduce as evidence and what relevance it had to the Inquiry, he said he recorded a conversation between Graham Fellowes and himself about a very serious criminal action. He said he knew Graham Fellowes was a witness [for the Defence] to which barrister Andrew Martin asked him how did he know that! Newell said he read it in Wendy Bacon's article she wrote in July 2002. He was shown a copy of the article to read, and agreed it was the one. However, when asked to read where the name was mentioned, there was no mention of Graham Fellowes, just that a witness had come forward with fresh evidence. The brilliant barrister asked: so how could you know Graham Fellowes was going to give evidence at this Court - unless you were involved in his bashing! After an objection from the Crown, the Judge allowed Wendy Bacon's article to be entered as evidence.

Just as Adrian Newell was stepping down from the stand, Peter Thomas' solicitor Clive Stern jumped up and asked the judge if he could question Mr Newell. He asked Newell if he recalled having a meeting with Peter Lalor of the Daily Telegraph to which he replied Lalor had visited him at his hotel and he said he gave papers over to Lalor.

At this point Stern called up Det. Boyd-Skinner.

NOTE: You will recall the first week Peter Thomas was cautioned by the judge that he might be in jeopardy of prosecution for perjury and had to appear again with his legal representative (today finally, after 4 cancellations). Thomas had lied under oath stating that he had not spoken to the press nor given any documents to Peter Lalor of the Daily Telegraph. However, Det. Boyd-Skinner assisting the Crown (Peter Thomas' minder at the time), the following day gave a written statement to the Court indicating he was with Peter Thomas when he met up with Peter Lalor and handed the documents over. On the stand when Thomas read the Boyd-Skinner's statement he tried to put the blame onto Det. Boyd-Skinner saying that he gave the documents to Lalor!

And now today, Peter Thomas' solicitor put Adrian Newell on the stand so he could try and save his buddy Thomas by saying it was him who gave the papers to Lalor! But what he has overlooked is that Peter Thomas has already said yes he met with Peter Lalor but no he didn't give the documents to him, but that the Crown's assistant Det. Boyd-Skinner did!! OH WHAT AN EVIL WEB WE WEAVE... DESPERATION HAS SET IN...

Stern then proceeded to cross examine Det.Boyd-Skinner but didn't get very far because the day was over. Stern told the Judge he couldn't appear tomorrow and the Judge mentioned he wouldn't be in on Friday, so it has been adjourned until Monday for Stern to again question Boyd-Skinner.

In the meantime tomorrow will bring new witnesses for the Crown...

Please continue to pray for a breakthrough with the funding!! None of the solicitors, Brock Partners, Frances McGowan nor the barrister Andrew Martin have been paid because the Crown have been negligent in honouring its commitment to fund the Inquiry! Therefore there are no funds to subpoena the Defence witnesses, fly them in and provide accommodation etc!!


Please blitz the media and the Attorney General's department about this very serious matter.


Mary Court on behalf of THE FREE ROSEANNE TEAM

FUNDING LETTER SENT TO DEBUS AND CARR, copied to the media and blindcopied to the list of supporters,

Dear Sirs,

With reference to Mr Debus' letter of 6th February promising funding for the Defence so that "Roseanne Catt would not be disadvantaged", we are now ending the third week of the Inquiry and still no funding has been released to Brock Partners solicitors. Despite their numerous attempts to seek the funds in order to subpoena witnesses to appear in Court, Brock Partners are still being denied these promised funds. Judge Davidson presiding over the Inquiry has already asked why the Defence witnesses have not be subpoenaed to appear in Court!

Would you please ensure, as a matter of urgency, that the Attorney General's Department honours its commitment to fund the Inquiry which it initiated based on fresh evidence from witnesses, and that the Defence witnesses are given adequate protection.

Mrs Mary Court on behalf of THE FREE ROSEANNE TEAM

bcc: Would all the network of supporters of truth and justice receiving this email please help us in our quest for natural justice for Roseanne and that she is given a fair go in this Inquiry.

Day 18
Hello everyone,

We need a miracle!

Each day that goes by without the promised funding has put an enormous strain on the Defence team and today Roseanne was told by one of the solicitors that they cannot go on with the Inquiry without funds. Of course this is exactly what the Crown had planned in the first place! Here we are in day 18 and things are getting desperate! Please pray for a miracle and that God would turn this injustice around for good and the funding be released.

Please pray for Roseanne as she is not in a good way with the huge stress and burden of this.

Mary Court

Day 19

Hello everyone,

The Judge started off by saying he was not happy that Adrian Newell (one of the gang of 3) rang the Judge's associate wanting to talk with him. He says he does not know the context of the conversation but voiced his concern as to who gave Newell his telephone number.

Det. Boyd Skinner gave his evidence concerning Peter Thomas perjuring himself by saying he did not meet up with Daily Telegraph reporter Peter Lalor and to hand over documents pertaining to the Inquiry. The judge stated that it was now up to the DPP to charge Thomas with perjury. The Crown have done nothing! However,the Crown did fly Adrian Newell in from Taree again to give his 15 minutes of evidence saying it was he who gave the documents to Peter Lalor.

A woman (Barbara) whom Roseanne had never seen before, was put on the stand and said she had been to Roseanne's place to clean up on three occasions. On the second visit she said she saw in Roseanne's bedroom (in the walk-in wardrobe drawer) a gun on top of red lingerie. When shown a photograph and asked if it was Roseanne's bedroom she said no; it was also pointed out to her that there was no walk-in wardrobe in the room. When asked why she had not come forward at the trial she came up with some lame story.

Another witness for the Crown was Barbara's stepfather Steve (Peter Thomas' buddy) who said he was a gun expert and that one day Roseanne came to his store and he saw a pistol which she pulled out of her bag. When asked how he knew it was a pistol and not a revolver he explained how he got his expertise in guns whilst in the Army and then proceeded to explain the difference between a pistol and a revolver and that she most definitely had a pistol. However, the gun found in Roseanne's bathroom drawer was not a pistol but a revolver!

(The gang of 3 are really getting desperate!)

The judge also made comment about how the prosecutor at Roseanne's trial (Gary Gilday) could allow Peter Thomas to put all the charges up against Roseanne especially the one about Mental Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm which the Judge said he hadn't heard of. Thomas had charged Roseanne for trying to schedule Barry Catt into a mental institution. Thomas was asked why he hadn't also charged all Barry's doctors or his previous wife or his friend who had Barry scheduled many times before.

Defence witness Graham Fellowes told the Court that Barry Catt told him he wanted Roseanne killed in jail and Peter Bridge (her son) "done over". He also said that Barry Catt told him he took the lithium and gave it to Adrian Newell to put in the milk. (Peter Thomas later charged Roseanne for trying to poison Barry).

It is quite astounding that the Public Prosecutor has done nothing about charging Peter Thomas with perjury or the gang of 3 for conspiring to pervert the course of justice!

Please continue to pray Strategy for the barrister, Wisdom for the judge, Peace for Roseanne, and Protection for all.

Pray that GOD would expose all evil in this matter and that the liars would be trapped in their lies.

Thank you LORD for your perfect timing! Amen.


Mary Court

Day 20
Hello everyone,

That phrase turned up again quite a bit today "can't recall" when James Morris, a former Aboriginal Liaison Officer with the Taree Police took the stand. (One of the charges Roseanne had been jailed with, was trying to enlist James Morris to kill Barry Catt).

James Morris told the Court that he was approached by a stranger (Roseanne Catt) at the local club. He was with his sister at the time. He couldn't remember however that apparently Roseanne was also in the company of two other women at the time.

It's funny how all the Crown witnesses can't recall much at all and yet the Defence witness (Graham Fellowes yesterday) remembered everything!!

When asked about the allegations that he and some of the police at Taree were involved in a prostitution ring using Aboriginal girls, James Morris said he wasn't aware of it. However he was reminded how his friend Bill Ferguson of FACS had mentioned to him about the sexual abuse of Aboriginal girls.

When asked about Adrian Newell he said that Newell had approached him before the Inquiry and when he was asked when was the last time he saw Peter Thomas he replied "at lunch time today in the dining room of the Supreme Court on the 14th floor".

Before leaving the Court the Judge warned James Morris not to talk to anyone about the case. However within minutes voices could be heard coming from the corridor and when the Judge looked up he saw Adrian Newell talking with a group of people and commented to the Crown that Newell had better not be talking with the witnesses. [Outside in the corridor were Adrian Newell, Peter Thomas, James Morris, the Catt children and others.]. Det. Boyd-Skinner left the Court to escort them back to their hotel. Even days after giving their evidence, Thomas and Newell are still in town (at the expense of the Crown, drilling the witnesses. (Later, when I walked out to the corridor, Thomas and Newell were getting into the lift and I heard Thomas say to the Catt children "I'll see you soon!"

Julie Catt was then called to the stand. However, because all the children had given new evidence (the bunch of papers looked to be the thickness of approx. 1 ream of paper!). The Judge commented on the size and said he would have to read it first. (Prior to Julie coming into the Court the Judge remarked that under the Evidence Act a lawyer should have taken the statements from the Catt children and not a police officer and said that it was regretable that a lawyer was not present when the statements were taken). Being nearly 4 pm anyway, he adjourned the meeting until 11 am tomorrow morning to give him time to read all the material.

Tomorrow the Catt children will be on the stand. Please pray that they will be ensnared in their own lies. Pray for restoration (of spirit, soul and body) of these children (now young adults) who have been used and abused all their lives. Thank you for your continued prayers of strength and strategy for the barrister Andrew Martin and God's peace that surpasses all understanding, for Roseanne.

Your prayers are powerful tools against the ploys of evil-doers. Hallelujah!


Mary Court on behalf of THE FREE ROSEANNE TEAM

Day 21
Hello everyone,

It is a very sad situation when the children, for whom Roseanne went to jail and were very supportive of her during her trial, have turned around and now completely gone against her. However, last week when Barry Catt was on the stand he mentioned how after Roseanne was incarcerated, he had received victims compensation but the children had missed out. He continued to say "but with this coming up they might be able to have another go at it!". One of the Catt boys had been boasting how they will get a lot of money out of this. (Forgive me Lord for being cynical!).

The judge told the media today that the children's names were not to be used so therefore I won't either. However what I can tell you is that one of the Catt girls whose new evidence had been produced, admitted that she had spoken to no-one from 1991 to January 2003 about all the new evidence. She kept saying "we're telling the truth now" which implies that they have all perjured themselves in previous trials.

Whilst on the stand answering questions by the barrister there was a woman in the gallery seen by at least 3 others present, giving signals to the Catt girl, by nodding her head forward (yes) or side to side (no).

Despite all the lies, it was still a very good day because the Catt girl was obviously not a good liar!

Tomorrow one of the Catt boys will be on the stand. Please continue to pray that all liars will be ensnared in their own traps.


Mary Court on behalf of THE FREE ROSEANNE TEAM

Day 22
Hello everyone,

The Catt boys were on the stand today and talk about a "chip off the old block"! One raved on like his father but all he managed to do was discredit himself by getting muddled up in his lies. They both insisted they were under Roseanne's control. However it would have been a bit hard for her whilst in jail to force them to write beautiful letters to her. One denied he'd written to her in jail until the brilliant barrister produced his letter. Even after she went to jail they still did not change their statements until recently. The boys had even taken on Roseanne's maiden name Beckett and it wasn't until 1995 that they changed it back to Catt.

One of the boys told the Court how Adrian Newell showed him the rock and a picture of the gun. When asked where did Newell get the rock and photographs the Catt boy said Newell got them from the Court house and had them at his place. Newell was showing him all the stuff from the Court house around the time of the Sixty Minutes program.

The Judge talked about the embargo on the Barry Catt sexual asssault trial stating he wanted to know the whole history and that the Crown should go about having the suppression order lifted. The Crown and the Defence both agreed they would jointly pursue this matter of having the transcripts unsealed. (Thank you LORD!)

Tomorrow one of the boys will continue on the stand and then the other Catt girl.

Please continue to warfare in prayer until those transcripts are unsealed, and then all will truly be revealed.


Mary Court on behalf of THE FREE ROSEANNE TEAM mary court This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." data-mce-href="mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PS: Finally, after 22 days into the Inquiry, a security lady was there looking after Roseanne and her team, escorting them in and out of the Court room / rest room / and out of the building. What a refreshing change (especially with the gang of 3 lurking about!)


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