Justice Action has endeavoured to improve the conditions of prisoners right across Australia.


Latest News: Issues we deal with

Life Prisoners' Inquiry

Inspector of Custodial Services' Report into Overcrowding

Supermax's Cruel and Degrading Conditions

Smoking in Prisons (2015)

Prisoners' Right to Storage (2014)

Malcolm Baker - A Breach of the Torture Convention? (2013)

Treating Us Worse Than Animals:  Comparing the conditions of zoos and prisons (2015)

Parklea Prisoners Protest Crammed Cells (2014)

Nagle Royal Commission Report (2012)


Prisoners right of possession 

Rapid Build Prison Dormitories

Transgender Inmates

Life Prisoners' Inquiry: The Hearing Report



Analysis of Committee- Lifers' Report 

Analysis of Submissions

Prisoner Public Education 


Media Resources:

Media Release: Northern Territory Juvenile Justice Exposure

Media Summary: Northern Territory Juvenile Justice Exposure 

Northern Territory Juvenile Justice Exposure



Garry Page Biography

John Killick Biography

Robert Veen Biography


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