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To assist the work of Justice Action in the local community of Australia, and to promote criminal justice worldwide, we study also the prison conditions in other jurisdictions outside Australia. Recent work includes a meeting with Chinese Prison Delegation and an International Survey on youth access of computers in cells.


China Hangzhou Prison Delegation Visit 15th November 2017

A delegation of six Chinese prison bureaucrats from the Hangzhou Municipal Justice Bureau, visited Justice Action on the 15th November. The delegates from the Zhejiang province, China were led by Deputy Director Mr Zhang Liansheng. They wanted to know about our operations, how we represent prisoners’ interests and improve the social and mental health of prisoners. They also wanted to exchange information and ideas, as well as to set up a friendly relationship.

Chinese Prison Delegation Visit 10th August 2017

On 10 August 2017, Justice Action had a meeting with a delegation of 24 officials of the Bureau of Prison Administration, People's Republic of China. We presented to them our work on supporting a better system of reintegration by reducing the distance of prisoners from the community, and the delegation talked to us about the restorative justice system in China. Both JA and the Delegation benefited from the meeting.

Youth Access - International Survey on Computers in Cells

Computers in Cells is one of our major campaigns in Justice Action. We have studied the access of computers for juvenile offenders all over the world, and found it desirable for the youth offenders in New South Wales, and in all of Australia to have computers in Cells. Such services can provide prisoners with the opportunities to have access to email, education services and counselling services which would reduce their reoffending rate upon release. Currently, in the Alexander Maconochie Center, ACT, all prisoners have access to computers in cells, and the effect of such policy is significantly beneficial to the rehabilitation of prisoners. 


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